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Or is it?

So starting today, new WordPress websites will come with the Gutenberg editor by default.

I am too early to the party, so despite setting up this website on December 6, 2018, I didn’t have the 5.0 version available yet, so it’s still running 4.9.8. But I did activate the Gutenberg editor as soon as I was prompted too.

Then I clicked “Try it now”. It took me to a nicely formatted page, with some demo content, which I tried saving, so I can preview it. SUPRISE: Updating failed. Same message I was getting for this post, which was the initial Hello world post from WordPress. After a quick investigation, it seems it’s not Gutenberg’s fault. At least not directly. Making some adjustments to my apache server modsecurity configuration fixed it.

On to the preview now. In the editor, the page that demonstrates the Gutenberg capabilities looks astonishing. In the preview however, less so. First thing I noticed is the full-width picture is not full-width.

So give me a few more days with it, and I’ll get back with some updates. I am not planning to give it up, especially since I am curious about the wp v5 update, which should land today, so I’ll keep playing with it.